Megan Markle Pregnant Baby Bump Blue Ruffle Dress
Stop Speculating About Meghan Markle's Pregnancy
You get no points for spotting her condition first. It just makes yo…
Passport U.S. Citizens
Why You Should Actually Be Terrified Right Now

Stripping citizens of their passports is a precursor to genocide.

Mollie Tibbetts
Mollie Tibbetts's Murderer Was...a Man
Mollie Tibbetts's murder proves we need the Violence Against Women A…

Wide-ranging political, social, and personal commentary on the most pressing issues women face today.

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Jennifer Wright
Why Women Need to Start Ignoring Men

Male entitlement to women's time and energy extends far beyond catcalling, writes Jennifer Wright.

toxic white feminism 
When Feminism Is White Supremacy in Heels

From tone policing to whitesplaining, liberal white women's feminism is more toxic than you might realize.

Men "Brought Down" by the #MeToo Movement Are Back

Meanwhile women who experience sexual harassment have careers that are derailed forever.

Men Apologize 
Why Men Need to Say Sorry More

Apologizing has often been seen as a sign of weakness. In fact, it's the definition of strength.

flirting sexual assault
The Difference Between Rape and Flirting

A handy guide for men everywhere.

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is photo
We All Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology

Collectively, we decided we should respond to the former President's sex scandal by talking about how fat Monica was.

Sarah Sanders
Why You Need to Say No to Civility

The debate has gone from "Can you punch Nazis?" to "Must you serve Nazis a meringue pie with no objection?"

Melania Trump
Melania Trump Is Not Your Friend

And we thought her six-inch stilettos in Texas were the last straw.

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Donald Trump Border Seperation Zero Tolerance Policy
Why Immigrant Children Are Being Separated From Parents—According to Donald Trump

Here are some justifications you'll hear... and why they're all false.

Fat Shaming Politicians
When You Call Trump Fat, You're Actually Calling Me Ugly

What it's like to recover from an eating disorder in a country obsessed with Donald Trump's weight.

North Korea Women
Why North Korea Is Hell For Women

Things to think about when Trump calls Kim Jong-un "honorable".

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Twitter, trolls
Why You Might Accidentally Be Trolling People on Twitter

Keah Brown writes an open letter to all the well-intentioned people on social media.

Kate Spade
To Kate Spade’s Daughter...From Someone Who Has Been There

Suicide is something that happens to you, much like a physical disease, writes Melissa Blake.

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